When was the last time you felt guilty?

Mine was yesterday when I realised I had eaten a whole easter egg in under ten minutes.

I had practically inhaled that chocolate shaped egg without even really registering what was passing my lips. I found myself thinking about how much of a pig I must be, like seriously who eats something without even thinking about it? But as soon as those thoughts started shimmying their way into my subconscious I gave them the mental middle finger. Why should I feel guilty for eating a chocolate egg on Easter Sunday?

Was it hurting anyone?


Was I doing something illegal?


So why is it that we have learned to attach guilt to foods that we consider unhealthy, unclean or impure in some way? Surely what is far more unhealthy than enjoying some indulgent food and drink with your family on Easter Sunday is the negative thoughts that some of us, including myself, carry with us for days after. Its the feeling in the pit of our stomachs that tell us we’ve failed in some way, that we won’t ever have that “summer body” after falling off the non existent diet wagon once again. Well I say fuck that.

I refuse to feel guilty for eating anything again, especially when it brings me as much joy as a Cadburys chocolate.

Something I learned recently is that you can be fuelling your body with the cleanest superfoods that can be found, training like an athlete and drinking enough green smoothies to fill a paddling pool but if you’re still feeling guilty about eating a slice of pizza last week then you are in no way shape or form healthy.

A healthy body is something we all strive to achieve, but lets not forget about nurturing a healthy mind while we work towards our fitness goals because life isn’t really worth living unless you can enjoy a chocolate egg every now and then.


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  1. April 18, 2017 / 9:49 am

    Amen to this Fifi!!! Great piece & perfectly timed after a weekend of overindulgence (both food & the subsequent guilt). X

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