I Left My Heart In Bath.


Bath became my happy place earlier this month. This sepia toned city stole my heart and has me dreaming of returning to that exact weekend at least once each week. The weather decided to ditch the spring time showers in favour of two glorious sun drenched days in this beautiful city. Maybe thats why I loved it so? With the feeling of summer in the air and new pavements to pound I had everything I could have wanted from a short and snappy city break.

It can be easy to forget the adventures that can be had on our doorsteps when tropical destinations fill our social media feeds with images of palms and crystal blue seas. Yet as I sat in the car leaving the cramped city behind in favour of the everlasting green that is our great British countryside I could feel to knots that had worked their way into my mind start to unravel and with each mile that passed I felt myself calm down.

Bath reminded me a little of Paris, the buildings and cobbled streets along with the canal made me want to set up outside a coffee shop with an overpriced coffee in hand and some extra large sunglasses perched on my nose. This is exactly how I always imagined myself modelling in Paris, the truth however was as far away as could be. I started and ended my trip in tears, tired and desperate to go home which was the first of many signs that I would never be one to enjoy travelling alone. Lucky for me my partner in crime travelled with me to the city that will forever hold beautiful memories.

And although this city may not be French it didn’t deter me from dressing in red white and blue stripes, because when you’re feeling those frenchy vibes you’ve just gotta flow with it.


Jumpsuit – WalG

Top – H&M

Trainers – Ego

Bag – Prada

Sunglasses – Topshop


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  1. Malcolm
    May 2, 2017 / 9:05 pm

    Hi Fifi, it is a number of years since I have read any of your jottings and seen your vlogs. I met you in the L H pub (before you had started modelling) with your Mum H and man friend S. I occasionally meet W. in the pub (I like his ear :)).
    I am pleased that you are doing well and met so many interest people and many to places and countries. I am jealous of you visiting Vietnam (although South V.)which I visited in the 1970s (now you may remember me speaking it and Japan).
    It has been great reading all about you and seeing your photographs.
    I wish you all the best

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