Friends, they’re the family you chose to have. The family you acquire over time and over cups of tea while putting the world to rights and crying over the people that broke your heart. They’re the people you can communicate with across the room without words. The people who over anyone you can trust with an honest opinion even when its not the opinion you want to hear. They are old friends, new friends and all of the people in between and they are infinitely special.

I spent much of my adolescence pushing people as far away from myself as possible. I hopped from friendships like a hungry butterfly searching for its next flower, in short I was a bit of a rubbish friend to most of the people I encountered. I picked people up and dropped them when I wanted to but there was one that stuck around.¬†A clue to who she is, she’s pictured here with me and she’s the best kind of crazy you could ever hope to be around.

Since starting my most recent round of therapy I realised how much I needed those people who lift me up, the ones I didn’t see enough and the ones I never bothered to text back no matter how often they asked how I was doing. I needed them more than I realised because they are the people who I’ve stumbled upon by chance, the people who have chosen me to be a part of their lives despite my ever growing list of negative traits.

My list of friends will never be a long one but its growing¬†into a collection of inspiring women who each make me smile in their own ways. I care for each of them and I will always be thankful for all the moments that they have made me laugh until tears roll down my cheeks, for the times that they’ve transported me to a happier place even in the darkest of times and I’m thankful for the those who want to be with me even when I push them away.

So this is a love letter to the girls that I call my friends, you know who you are and I love you all for being the best versions of yourselves.



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  1. May 8, 2017 / 11:38 am

    OOOOH FOFI <3 Love yooou :) x

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