Bursts Of Joy.

Do you ever get those moments where you just instinctively know you’ll remember them forever? Like snapshots etched in your mind or postcards of memories filed away in certain pockets of your brain. I don’t have many of these moments, enough to count them on one hand, but I remember each of them so clearly. They come back to me in peculiar moments, catching me off guard while they playback in my minds eye. Like silent films, flickering just out of the reach of my reality.

In each of these moments I have two thoughts, the first is of the blissful happiness I’m feeling at that moment. I let it fill me up, all the way from the ends of my toes to the tips of my fingers and bursting like a flower in bloom in my chest. The second thought is recognition, greeting this feeling like an old friend and knowing I will remember this moment forever.

I feel like a bit of a pretentious twit telling you this. Its not that I feel these memories all the time; but occasionally something will come back to me while sitting on the tube or in those odd moments of limbo right before you drift off to sleep, and they remind me of the little moments of joy in the monotonous grey of everyday life.

The chilly breeze that played across my rosy cheeks, my toes numb and my body shaking with cold while a rumble of laughter works its way up from the pit of my stomach at the sight of him falling over in the snow.

Dancing to music that plays to thousands of festival goers, the sun making its decent, staining the sky candy floss pink. Catching myself in the glassy reflection of my friends eyes and screaming lyrics at the top of our lungs while our favourite band plays “our” song, each of us sweaty and covered in glitter and mud.

That night we went chasing the sun, up to the highest point we could find on our little island and listening to the great expanse of nothing that surrounded us. The feeling of calm enveloping me as we watch the waves crashing into the cliffs bellow us. The warm summer air thick with the smell of sun soaked grass, and your hand reaching for mine.

This life is so full of these little bursts of joy.

I can’t wait to collect more.

And I hope you have your own little collection, stored away and waiting for the right moment to come back and greet you.




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