I’ve spent a lot of time recently contemplating what kind of blogger I am. When people ask what I blog about I don’t have a single answer to given them in return. I have a sort of monologue, a paragraph full of things I talk about on my corner on the internet. Its never particularly bothered me that I don’t know what category I fall into when I explain my blog but I have recently been wondering what kind of blogger I WANT to be. And that, is an all together trickier question to answer.

I supposed you could say that I want to continue being me, I want to produce content I’m proud of and posts that I would enjoy reading. Which, I’m sure, is what we are all aiming for as bloggers. However I do feel like my inner critic can sabotage the chances of at least 30% of my posts going live. They sit, sad and forgotten in my drafts folder forever more (God that got dark quickly).

I am aware that I’m not the only blogger out there that is overcome with self doubt whenever they are about to hit publish on a blog post that often takes hours to produce. I do think that my anxieties surrounding the work that I put out into the world is compromised by my ability to self sabotage and crush my own confidence just as I go to push a post live.

This says a lot about my own personality and confidence really. As I’ve already spoken about on this blog, I have a epic amount of self doubt. But this year I’d really like to push myself to create content that I’m not only proud of but that I post regardless of whether my inner dialogue is telling me its bullshit. I am going travelling in April for around five/six months, which means the amount of “fashion” content I am going to produce is going to take steep decline. That being said I have never really seen this blog as a fashion blog, nor have I ever seen myself as a fashion blogger. I ramble to much about my feelings, and little too little about actual clothes to ever sit in that category. But each of my posts have almost always sat beside images of me prancing around in some of my favourite garms’ so, I’m faced with a decision. I either to take an extended break from blogging or I can blog sporadically with thoughts and feelings I collect from my little trip around the globe.

Going forward with my decision to give less of a crap about what the critical voice in my head might say about this change in content I am going to post whenever I can while I’m away. I will store thoughts, feelings and poetry in a notepad and type them out onto the blog whenever we have sufficient wifi access.

I hope this is okay with you guys. If not, well, I’d take a six month break away from this slice of the internet starting in April and come back in October when I’m back in the uk and back producing “Fashion” content again.





  1. February 3, 2018 / 10:13 am

    I would absolutely love to see you blog whilst you are travelling. Love your blog hun, totally subbed so I don’t miss a thing!



    • Fifi
      February 5, 2018 / 8:26 am

      oh thanks doll! Hopefully I can keep posting some interesting bits and bobs while I’m away XX

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