Dipping My Toe Into The New Season.

Autumn. It smells like damp leaves, wood, spiced candles and freshly ground coffee for those chilly mornings that seem to slowly creep up on us, shrouded in fog and darker day by day. There is something unmistakably magical about the change that happens at this time of year. When the leaves start to tumble down ready to be trodden underfoot and the nights start drawing in ready for us all to start practicing our favourite “Hygee” habits (mine includes consuming multiple cups of chai tea whilst wrapped tightly in my favourite blanket).

This new season also brings new ways in which to reinvent our wardrobes, throwing out our light and airy summer dresses in favour of chunky knits and hats in all shapes and sizes. Our sandals are swapped for chunky biker boots and the hunt for a winter coat commences. 

I’ve been dipping my toe into the realms of autumnal goodness by wearing this particular jumper non-stop. I stumbled upon it while on a girly weekend in Winchester, it was the colour that caught my eye but the oversized sleeves that made me fall in love. In fact up until the point that this knit came into my life I was stubbornly ignoring the fact that the nights were getting longer and the days chillier. I didn’t want to accept that summer was on its way out, the thought of feeling cold made me want to weep and anyone who told the world that they were excited for autumn got an exasperated eye roll from me.

So here I am, in a cosy knit feeling particularly excited about crunching some leaves on my walk home and embracing all the goodness that comes along with this magical season.


Top – Primark

Cords – The Cords & Co

Shoes – Converse

Bag – Chloe


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