An Idle Tuesday Morning.

I’m not a morning person, I’m the type of girl who drags her heavy body out of bed in search for the nearest drop of caffeine. But I can sometimes make an exception when bribed with the promise of almond croissants and coffee.

My phone alarm buzzed into life before the sun even the sun had woken up but despite the sleepy dust that collected in my eyes I found myself excited to head out into the city before it had woken up. The hazy morning sunshine burst around the corners of buildings as I made my way into Covent Garden and I found myself enjoying the empty streets a little more than usual. Tired looking cafe owners were setting up their shops ready for the rush of commuters, while the smells of freshly baked pastries waft into the streets making my tummy rumble a little louder each time I pass.

I love the early morning light, almost as pretty as that golden hour sunlight at the end of the day but a little quieter without the mass of busy people rushing somewhere important. Sticking in your headphones and listening to something almost as calm as the morning as you stroll through the familiar streets, especially when heading to meet your favourite person for an early morning photoshoot and far too many laughs for an idle Tuesday morning.


Dress – Cubic Original

Shoes – Adidas

Bag – Prada

Sunglasses – Topshop


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