I’m SO Busy.

Londoners like to move fast. Actually its something that I’m sure applies to most city dwellers not just Londoners. We like things to be done quickly and efficiently, we even tend walk like we are training for a speed walking competition.

I love to sit and people watch, its something that I’ve done a lot of while travelling alone. I like making up stories in my head about the people surrounding me. She’s just quit her job as a magicians assistant… he’s looking glum because his ex got full custardy of their dog… You know, just random nonsense that can make wasting away a hour over coffee that much more entertaining. The thing about this particular brand of people watching is that you need people to slow down a little to be able to really get into the swing of it.

Life nowadays can often feel like a completion as to who’s busiest. I feel like this particularly applies to people who are self employed or work in a creative industry. The busier you are can often match up with how successful you are. We don’t have time for time wasters, finding time for ourselves feels like an indulgence and even the way we consume things has become faster.

We pay with a tap of plastic on plastic, the contactless cards barely giving us time to catch our breath before we start moving again. We wear fast fashions that change weekly, our wardrobes fit to bursting with “old” clothes that have been worn once before being discarded in favour for something new. We have to simultaneously reply to that email and post that instagram RIGHT NOW! And honestly, I find it so overwhelming.

We’ve become such a community of fast paced individuals that we don’t even realise its damaging us.

And you know what? I’m just as guilty as the next caffeinated Londoner. I find myself getting twitchy fingers when I’ve left my phone in another room. I can’t disconnect. My eyes are glued to a device that is supposed to help us stay connected while actually trying to stay connected to family and friends. I’m so aware that I might miss something important that I’m actually missing out on the things that matter.

I’ve touched on social media disconnecting us from what truly makes life beautiful in the past so I don’t want to bang on about it but I really feel like we are becoming a generation of people who are becoming more disconnected with the world around us.

This kind of brings me back to my people watching stories: when was the last time you allowed your mind to wonder so far away from reality that you were able to make up wild stories about strangers? I bet its been a while. Slowing down and giving yourself time to stop and switch off isn’t an indulgence, its something that is essential to enjoying the world around us.

So lets slow down a little, lets stop treating being rushed off of our feet as an achievement and lets make some time to do a little more people watching.


Jacket – Miss Selfridge (Similar style)

Jeans – Nasty Gal (Similar style)

Top – M&S

Hat – Topshop

Bag – Linea

Shoes – Reef



  1. January 12, 2018 / 5:00 pm

    Love this! Being busy might make us feel “worthwhile” but it also brings on stress and means that life seems to fly by. I’m definitely guilty of this, despite my happiest times being when I just set out to go for a walk and have a think or a chat and wander around the city xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • Fifi
      January 15, 2018 / 10:49 am

      Yeah, I think its definitely easy to get caught up in the rat race. I’m going to make on conscious effort to switch off a little more this year! x

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