Monthly Playlist: 03

I don’t particularly like January.

The month drags, it feels inhumanely long, filled with cold, dark nights and none of the cosy excitement that December brought us. I feel bloated and uncomfortable from the festive period and if that wasn’t bad enough all my friends are becoming vegan or are going “dry” for the month… I need someone to share a gin and a cheese board with dammit!

There are however a few positives that make this month bearable. Summer is within touching distance, okay maybe not summer, but at least spring is right around the corner. As soon as January hits us I feel like I can start looking forward to warmer days again, where my thermals are swapped for light cottons and these bitingly cold winds will be replaced with a breeze that promises that summer is on its way. These dark and dingy days are slowly but surely become lighter minute by minute and it is now acceptable to start the countdown to this years epic adventure.

So, all in all this months playlist reflects the mixed emotions that come with my love/hate relationship with January. On first inspection the songs are a little melancholy, they’re slow and as dark as these short days but they hold the comfort that more exciting days are ahead and on further listening I find them chilled and easy to listen to on the days leading to upcoming Spring time.

I hope you’ve had a great January…

F x



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