Monthly Playlist: 01

I go through fazes of listening to one song or album on repeat. Over and over again until I can recite the lyrics word for word. Other times I trawl through Spotify for hours looking for new artists to listen to. I have songs I like to listen to while writing, some that are strictly to get us into the mood for a night out and some are to keep me company when I walk the dog each day.

Basically I am almost always listening to music. Whether I’m at home getting ready for the day, working on my laptop or out and about running errands you can guarantee that a tune is playing in my ears. I have been thinking of creating monthly playlists including some of the songs that have been making me boogie that month for quite a while now but was unsure whether my taste in music would really put you all off of me for good.

*Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee you’re all going to like the music I’m into, so if you hate some of the weird and wonderful songs that I have been loving, please feel free to skip these monthly renditions.

So without further ado, I present to you the playlist for the month of November.

Enjoy x



All clothes are fromĀ Free People


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