Reasons To Be Cheerful.

After weeks and weeks of pure joy I had a little dip in my mood last week. It was inevitable that this dip was coming and to be totally honest I was half expecting it, what goes up must come down and all that jazz. I wasn’t depressed, no where near close but the familiar creep of anxiety snuck its way into the pit of my stomach and I felt pretty blue.

Yet this period of grey in a technicolour of happiness hasn’t been bad, in fact its made me appreciate the little things even more. They jumped out at my like bursts of bright sunshine poking through the blanket of grey and I want to list them for you in the hope that you notice your own little bursts of sunshine in the every day.


Chai Tea

It smells and tastes like Christmas which in the autumnal weather we’ve been experiencing recently came as a cup of warming comfort while the rain pattered against my windows. I take mine with a splash of milk and leave the tea bag in there for an extra punch of spice.



I have a picture stuck onto my bedroom mirror, Its from the Photo Booth in Brighton. Each morning as I apply my makeup I am greeted with the memories of a day spent laughing with two friends who can brighten up the most miserable of days.


New Traditions

Immy and I have adopted a new tradition of rising before the rest of the city and shooting blog pictures before she starts work. Now I know the thought of rising before the sun and scuttling off to shoot blog pictures isn’t everyones idea of a cheerful experience but these moments before both of our days start are filled to the brim with happiness. Plus once our pictures are shot we go on the hunt for coffee and almond croissants as a midweek treat which will put a smile onto even the sleepiest of faces.



I’ve never exactly fallen out of love with reading (Is that even possible?) but I did fall out of the habit of picking up a book and reading. When I was feeling extremely depressed I physically couldn’t sit and read, it took too much energy to drag my eyes across the page so when I started to feel better I naturally started consuming books in my usual fashion, to which I mean I have been tearing through a book a week for the last few weeks and I don’t look likely to stop any time soon.


Bake Off.

I really wanted to hate it, Mary Berry had been replaced by another old woman who didn’t have nearly enough sass to measure up, Mell and Sue were being swapped for a goth and another woman I’d never heard of, and don’t even get me started on the snake that is Paul Hollywood… It wasn’t the same, it never will be again but there is something about that music that sucks me in and comforts me like no other.




Dress – Missy Empire

Jacket – Pull & Bear

Shoes – Converse

Glasses – Ray-Ban

Bag – Chloe


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