I remember the first piece of special jewellery I was given, it was totally different from the colourful plastic trinkets I had bought with my pocket money before. I was drawn to it instantly, not because it was flash or expensive but because it meant something to me. It was a ring that my mum had worn forever, I can’t remember the reason she decided to take it off or even why she wore it in the first place but the act of passing it down to me was the reason it became love at first sight. A tan line forever sits under than ring, the skin is smooth from years of wear and I love it as much as I did when I first slid it over my knuckle.

What I’m getting at here is that jewellery can be incredibly personal, the way that it feels and the way that it fits is important. And just like magic this point brings me onto Sacet, a jewellery brand that does things a little differently. Now I will be the first to admit I am not a huge wearer of bold jewellery, I love my hooped earrings, some of the rings and bracelets that have been gifted to me over the years stay glued to me at all times, yet necklaces aren’t really my thing unless of course they are incredibly simple in style and shape. Generally I like pieces that are dainty and simplistic in style.

Being this picky is something that I know I can’t be alone with when choosing jewellery to adorn my body with, which is why I think Sacet’s try before you buy system is such a genius idea.¬†You are able to select pieces that tickle your fancy from their online store and wear them at home for five full days before returning the pieces that didn’t fit your personal style free of charge.

Not only does this brand create beautiful, luxury pieces of jewellery at an affordable price point but they are also ethically made and have a brilliant system in place to ensure their craftsmen are supported with 100% of profits from the manufacturing company going towards enriching the lives of their workers with skill development, healthcare and children’s education… Amazing right?

The two pieces I have been wearing non-stop over the past couple of weeks are the beautifully mismatched drop earrings and the simple silver citrine ring. Both pieces slipped effortlessly into my style and I found myself reaching for them day after day which is always a sure sign that wearing them gave me an extra sparkle that had nothing to do with the jewellery itself.

You can shop #Sacetworld by clicking on the link HERE


This post was in collaboration with Sacet but all views and the love of jewellery is all my own. x


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