Oversharing Online.

I talk very openly on this blog. My rambling thoughts and feelings are taped out onto a keyboard and stored away on my little slice of the internet forever more. I don’t give much thought about the things I write other than the fact they are honest, true and from the heart. I adore writing, its truly one of the only things I can see myself enjoying forever and I would love to be able to create a career out of my inconsistent musings. My busy mind quiets when the words pour out of me which is quite the revelation for someones who even dreams in full feature length adventures. It gives me a purpose and something to aim towards even on my worst days. Yet a conversation with someone I was working with recently made me think about some of the things I share on here.

A stylist asked me whether I ever regretted anything I shared online. Whether I felt I was too honest, too promiscuous or if I have ever thought about what people might think of my honesty when I am older?

Up until this woman asked me these questions these thoughts have never once entered my head. Have I been naive, stupid or jaded to never have even considered these facts? It made me doubt myself, I had sudden images of myself as a mother at my child’s side having to explain why I thought it was a good idea to post images of myself, bikini clad and sultry onto a social media app. Or of future employers having access to the inner most corners of my mind all laid out in posts accompanied with questionable outfit choices.

The truth is I’ve used this blog as a creative outlet when I have been at my lowest. I haven’t sugar coated anything, its been raw and potentially too honest at times but each and every message I have received telling me that I’ve made someone feel less alone in their struggles makes it worth it. I enjoy weaving my words into stories that can be digested easily along with photographs I enjoy capturing. I could call it a hobby but really it means so much more to me than that.

There may come a time when I look back on these posts and question why I felt the need to pour my heart out to strangers but for now I think I will just enjoy the ride this blog takes me on. Even if I do find myself having to explain my #selfies to a little human one day.


Dress – Missy Empire

Jacket –  Missy Empire

Shoes – Converse

Bag – Mulberry

Watch – Timex


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